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Man with MDS Files Benzene Lawsuit

A Kentucky man who has been diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) has filed a lawsuit against 18 companies for damages in excess of $200,000. He claims that his condition was caused by benzene exposure suffered during his work as a pipefitter, oil burner, and maintenance and repairman. MDS is considered a precursor to a rare…

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Ford Sued in Toxic Sludge Lawsuit

More than 650 residents of Ringwood, New Jersey, are suing Ford Motor Company over a toxic waste dump known as Sludge Hill. The area is one of the most polluted in the country and has been for decades – It’s been listed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s superfund list twice. During the 1960s, Ford used…

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Suit Blames Former Employers for Benzene Exposure

A couple living in Brazoria County, Texas, recently filed a lawsuit against several petrochemical companies claiming they are responsible for a man’s benzene exposure. As a result of benzene exposure the man reportedly developed leukemia. The suit, which was filed by Jan and James Callihan, names Univar USA, Atlantic Richfield Company and Shell Chemical LP,…

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Family Sues Texaco Over Benzene Exposure

According to reports, the family of a deceased refinery worker recently filed a lawsuit against the worker’s former employer, Texaco. Although 14 other corporations have been named in the lawsuit, Texaco is serving as the primary defendant. The refinery worker’s life was taken at an early age due to cancer and the family claims that…

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Woman Diagnosed with Leukemia Files Suit

A woman who was recently diagnosed with myelogenous leukemia has filed a lawsuit against her former employer blaming them for her illness. The suit names 12 corporations for exposing her to benzene, a toxic chemical that is commonly linked to leukemia. The suit was filed in Madison County, Texas, early last week. Benzene is a…

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Exxon Trial Gets Underway

It was announced last Tuesday that ExxonMobil Corp. would be going to court in a billion-dollar lawsuit against them. The company reportedly chose its bottom line over the well-being and safety of the Maryland community and as a result, may have to pay a hefty price. Faulty equipment from Exxon’s site allowed for a leak…

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