The types of mistakes that can lead to cerebral palsy mostly all relate to a lack of oxygen during birth. Some examples of these are:

  •  Not watching the monitoring strips to recognize when a baby is in distress
  • Failing to order a C-Section when distress is noted on the fetal monitoring strips
  • Causing trauma by not properly using Vacuum suction or forceps during labor
  • Not noticing that labor had progressed, not noticing that mother’s water had broken.

These are not the only reasons, but they are some relatively common examples of what can happen.

The next steps to finding out whether a medical mistake lead to a child’s cerebral palsy begin with contacting us.  We’ll start by talking with you about what happened and what you remembered.  Often we then have to spend some time gathering some key medical records to see more details.  It is then usually after that, when we can begin to tell you whether you might have a case.

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