Transvaginal Mesh Injuries as High as 40%

In an article published recently, injury rates as high as 40% may be attributed to vaginal mesh procedures.

Here are the figures quoted:

  • Up to 39.1 per cent of women suffer nerve injuries from instruments used during prolapse repairs.
  • Up to 29.4 per cent of women suffer vascular injury and bleeding during insertion of a TVT mesh sling.
  • Up to 23.8 per cent of women suffer organ perforation and injury from TVT insertion.
  • Up to 5.3 per cent of women suffer nerve damage and pain from TVT insertion.

Also cited is a Canadian Study stating that the injury rate could be 15%.  It is important to note that there are different injuries listed here and this article is referencing the TVT Insertion injuries.  This differs from traumatic injuries such as erosion of the mesh requiring a revision or removal surgery.

In a JAMA September 2015 a study was reported that showed that 1 in 30 women may need a revision or removal surgery at the 10 year mark after having a vaginal mesh surgery.

To find out if you have a case relating to removal or revision surgery, please visit our in depth Transvaginal mesh page.

Source:  Wisbech Standard