Suit Blames Former Employers for Benzene Exposure

A couple living in Brazoria County, Texas, recently filed a lawsuit against several petrochemical companies claiming they are responsible for a man’s benzene exposure. As a result of benzene exposure the man reportedly developed leukemia.

The suit, which was filed by Jan and James Callihan, names Univar USA, Atlantic Richfield Company and Shell Chemical LP, amongst others as defendants.

Leukemia Lawsuit Details

James Callihan claims that he was exposed to benzene after working with products that contained the harmful substance for over 20 years. Callihan began working with and around products that contained the known carcinogen in the 1960’s and claims he was never warned of the risks associated with the toxin.
“The plaintiffs would show that the negligence made the basis of this lawsuit, as committed by the defendants, was of such a nature so as to constitute gross negligence as that term is applied and interpreted by the State of Texas,” explains the lawsuit.

Products Containing Benzene Cause Illness

James Callihan was responsible for handling paint products that were manufactured, distributed, and sold by Sherwin-Williams. All of these products reportedly contained benzene. He also became the victim of exposure from the five other defendants during his time working as a journeyman laborer.
The Callihans state in the suit that James Callihan developed permanent and disabling injuries due to his benzene exposure, which eventually developed into acute myelogenous leukemia.
James and his wife are seeking compensation for their pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical impairment, lost wages, and acquired medical expenses.

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