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Man with MDS Files Benzene Lawsuit

A Kentucky man who has been diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) has filed a lawsuit against 18 companies for damages in excess of $200,000. He claims that his condition was caused by benzene exposure suffered during his work as a pipefitter, oil burner, and maintenance and repairman. MDS is considered a precursor to a rare…

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Suit Blames Former Employers for Benzene Exposure

A couple living in Brazoria County, Texas, recently filed a lawsuit against several petrochemical companies claiming they are responsible for a man’s benzene exposure. As a result of benzene exposure the man reportedly developed leukemia. The suit, which was filed by Jan and James Callihan, names Univar USA, Atlantic Richfield Company and Shell Chemical LP,…

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New Human Trial for Blood Substitute?

Biopure Corporation in Cambridge Massachusetts announced that it has had discussions with the Food and Drug Administration about starting a new human trial for it’s Hemopure product, a product already approved to treat anemia in dogs. The product is already approved for human testing in Europe and South Africa and has been for sale commercially…

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