Family Sues Texaco Over Benzene Exposure

According to reports, the family of a deceased refinery worker recently filed a lawsuit against the worker’s former employer, Texaco. Although 14 other corporations have been named in the lawsuit, Texaco is serving as the primary defendant. The refinery worker’s life was taken at an early age due to cancer and the family claims that the cancer was wrongfully caused.

Lawsuit Details

The lawsuit was filed by plaintiffs Kelly Dial and Wesley Maida, who are the children of the deceased worker, Samuel Maida Jr. According to the suit, Samuel worked for Texaco at its Port Arthur facility for several years before the 1970’s when the risks of benzene were discovered.

Samuel was allegedly exposed to benzene, a known carcinogen, during his time at Texaco but was not warned of the risks or protected in any way. As a result, his health was jeopardized and his life was taken at any early age. The company reportedly failed to warn any of their workers of the dangers of benzene and the suit states that they were negligent and should have been aware that their products were dangerous and contained benzene.

Man Suffers from Leukemia

As a result of the benzene exposure, Samuel spent the last months of his life suffering from leukemia before it suddenly took his life. Among the other defendants named in the suit are Chevron, Dow Chemical, and PPG Industries.

Samuel’s family claims that he suffered extreme mental anguish and physical impairment before his life was taken. His family also reportedly had to pay thousands in medical expenses, suffered from loss of companionship and lost wages due to their sudden loss.

“Such Defendants have not only demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice human beings such as Samuel Maida Jr., but they have inexcusably neglected to utilize available technology and methods and neglected to develop new technology and methods to control such hazards,” claims the suit.

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