Woman Diagnosed with Leukemia Files Suit

A woman who was recently diagnosed with myelogenous leukemia has filed a lawsuit against her former employer blaming them for her illness. The suit names 12 corporations for exposing her to benzene, a toxic chemical that is commonly linked to leukemia. The suit was filed in Madison County, Texas, early last week.

Benzene is a known carcinogen that is typically used as an additive in various dyes, gasoline and synthetic rubber. Those who are exposed to the solvent over an extended period of time are susceptible to developing different forms of cancer like leukemia and lung cancer.

Leukemia Lawsuit Details

Paula Dangerfield was employed with Afton and Reilly Industries for over a decade and believes that during her employment she was wrongly exposed to benzene.

“By working with and being exposed to the aforesaid benzene-containing products, Plaintiff was cumulatively exposed to benzene,” the suit explains.

The twelve corporations are being accused of negligence due to the fact that Dangerfield was never warned of the dangers of the chemicals she was working with and around. Several of their products reportedly contain benzene, which in turn caused harm to employees like Dangerfield who worked with them daily.

Dangerfield also claims that during her employment she was forced to do work in areas that were marked “Benzene-Regulated Areas but was given no protective gear. She is hoping to be compensated for her mental and physical suffering as well as all medical expenses she is being forced to endure because of her health condition.

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