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Two more verdicts against Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific hit with two verdicts recently relating to their bladder slings.  The first was recently in Miami.  That trial involved 4 women who sued because of pain and damage they developed from using these slings.  That resulted in a $26 million dollar verdict. The second came from a West Virginia trial court this last…

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Bladder Sling Verdict $26.7 Million Against Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific is hit with a $26.7 million dollar compensatory damage verdict.  The case involved 4 women who had the Pinnacle system used to treat prolapse. As expected this is helpful to plaintiffs all over who may have claims against not only Boston Scientific but also other bladder sling manufacturers.  What these verdicts (both positive…

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Bladder Mesh Settlements (Summary)

This happens with all of these types of lawsuits usually.  There are a number of verdicts which start to create a range of values that people can look to to see if the cases can be settled.  It is now starting to happen with transvaginal mesh lawsuits too. Here are some fo the major mesh…

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Bladder Mesh/Sling Lawsuit Verdict Summary

A Summary to date of the Public Verdicts in these Bladder Mesh Lawsuits (Also know as Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits) First:  These lawsuits are filed in courts all over the country.  Soem are in State courts and others are in Federal Courts.  In the Federal Court system, the cases are consolidated in Multi-District Litigations (MDLs)  The…

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