Bladder Mesh/Sling Lawsuit Verdict Summary

A Summary to date of the Public Verdicts in these Bladder Mesh Lawsuits (Also know as Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits)

First:  These lawsuits are filed in courts all over the country.  Soem are in State courts and others are in Federal Courts.  In the Federal Court system, the cases are consolidated in Multi-District Litigations (MDLs)  The few federal trials that have occurredd are all with those MDLs.

July 2012 $5.5 Million against Bard in California State Court

February 2013 $11.1 Million against Johnson & Johnson in New Jersey State Court

August 2013  $2 Million verdict against C.R.Bard, Inc.

April 2014 $1.2 Million against Johnson & Johnson (Texas State Court)

Spring 2014 Judge ordered directed verdict in favor of defense

Summer 2014  Defense verdict in favor of Boston Scientific in Massachusetts State Court

There are several trials scheduled to begin in the coming months and one that is ongoing now.