Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Raises $5.8M

Students throughout the Hudson Valley in the state of New York, helped raise a reported $5.8 million at the 14th-annual Pasta for Pennies program. The annual program was put on by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and the amount raised this year to support leukemia research is said to have broken records.

More than 13,100 students in 17 local elementary, middle and high schools did their part to raise $37,094, which will go towards leukemia research. The money raised by these pro-active students will also help provide critical services to cancer patients and the families of those living and suffering from leukemia. During a three-week time period, students filled collection jars with pocket change, with the classroom who was able to raise the most eligible for an Olive Garden pasta party.

“We are so proud of the enthusiasm and support these students passionately bring to the Olive Garden Pasta for Pennies program each year,” Dave Pickens, company president told reporters. “Their generous efforts continue to make a significant impact in their communities and a difference in the lives of families throughout the nation.”

Among the schools involved were:

  • Minisink Valley Intermediate School in Middletown with $4,991.75
  • Valley Central Middle School in Montgomery with $4,724.29
  • Valley Central Middle School in Montgomery with $4,724

Loose Change for a Good Cause

Since its beginning, Olive Garden’s Pasta for Pennies has raised more than $42 million for LLS and has made a huge impact in fighting preleukemia, also known as MDS, and leukemia, both fatal forms of cancer. LLS is headquartered in White Plains, New York, and is considered to be the world’s largest voluntary health organization. The organization is committed to funding research for leukemia and since its development in 1949, has invested more than $600 million for leukemia research specifically.

“The money raised by our students, parents, teachers and school administrators throughOlive Garden’s Pasta for Pennies will help us continue to make advances in the search for cures and provide hope and support to patients and their families,” explains Barbara Gallagher, campaign manager of the LLS Westchester/Hudson Valley Chapter. “We are inspired by the outpouring of compassion and commitment to our mission and thank all student participants and Olive Garden for another great campaign.”

Finding a Cure

Leukemia, along with Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, myeloma and myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) are all fatal forms of cancer that originate within the bone marrow or, in some cases, the lymphatic tissues. The illnesses are considered to all be related due to the fact that they all involve the uncontrolled growth of blood cells. When the erratic production of blood cells interferes with the body’s production of healthy blood cells, health complications arise. Although a cure for leukemia and these other types of cancers has not yet been found, organizations like the LLS, with the help of doctors and researchers, are doing their part to contribute to leukemia research and rid the world of these life-threatening diseases.

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