Texas Trial Results in $1.2 Million Verdict

Recently a court in Texas (State Court) finished a lawsuit brought against Ethicon (J&J).  The jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff, Linda Batiste.  The Jury ordered Ethicon to pay $1.2 Million to her in compensatory damages.  No punitive damage award was given.  This is the first verdict against Ethicon for the TVT-O mesh sling.

This is a good result for the plaintiffs.  J&J faced a trial last year for a different mesh product and also lost that trial.  That verdict was in New Jersey and was for about $11 Million including some punitive damages.  In a third case against J&J the judge dismissed the case before a jury could decide the issue.

Expect more of this through the year.  There are many cases set for trial Including about 12 before the summer is out.  That will mean that by the end of the summer of by the end of the year, both sides in this will have a lot more information about where this litigation will be going.

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