Exclusive Collegiate Scholarships
from Burke & Eisner

We are proud to be able to provide up to four (4) students,
who are single mothers or are attending Law School, scholarships of $1,000.00 each for the 2017-18 school year.

Behind the Exclusive Collegiate Scholarship from Burke & Eisner

We firmly believe one of the most efficient ways to improve the communities nation-wide is by improving the education level of the members of the community. We know that many have financial restraints from being able to continue to afford the high cost of college. Sometimes the difference is a mere $1,000.00.

We want to help you.

To help you grow your future career and financial success, we offer scholarships throughout the year to help you meet your financial needs as you continue your education. We know it can get expensive. Real expensive. We also want to make the process of picking the winner of our scholarships easy too.

You see, as you have worked and attended college, there has been some combination of people you have met, either employers, teachers, neighbors, family or friends who have shown you by example, what it truly takes to make a substantial positive impact in your local community.

We believe in focusing on "the greater good." We, at Burke & Eisner want the "greater good" not just in our local community, but in all communities. It starts with making ourselves the "greater good."

This "greater good" is a fundamental element of our scholarship winners.

Whether you are a veteran, a single mother, a minority, suffering from extreme financial hardship, etc. we offer scholarships to help you.

Scholarships Currently Available

Single Mothers

Single mothers face challenges that many people are completely unaware of. Raising children while also working full-time to support a family is a stress only a single mom can relate. Raising a family is difficult enough for two parents. Raising a family as a single parent can be overwhelming at times.

Here at Burke & Eisner we have always supported single parents. One of the ways we do that is offering a very flexible work schedule. Whether you are an employee or an outside contractor, your schedule is mostly your own. That allows access to your kid's schedule too. (After School activities or just being there when your kids come home.)

Additionally we value the real gains that people make and the advantages they get when working towards and getting that college degree. In today's world completing your degree is pretty much required for most jobs. It's something we look for here too.

We understand that finishing a degree can land you a better paying job. Getting a better paying job gives you the chance to go from working 2-3 jobs or maybe just working one. That can save a mother's sanity.

We offer this scholarship, to help give single mothers a chance at a better life and the lives of their children through better opportunities that a higher education provides.

Law Students

Here at Burke & Eisner, our mission is to give people a voice. We want people to be heard. Our Clients are often going through one of the worst times in their life and they need a person who will stand up for them, someone who will be there to not only advise them, but guide and fight for them in the legal system. Pursuing a claim against a powerful corporation can be scary and it needs someone with compassion and guts.

If you are enrolled in law school then we want to support you in your pursuit of your law degree. Be that Voice for someone.


  • Drop files here or

Writing an Essay

We know writing essays may not be your favorite thing, but it is a way for us to get to know you. Through an essay? Yes. You see, your writing style comes through, your organizational skills, and ability to be concise with a well thought out message.

Here is your assignment: write an essay no fewer than 700 words about a legal topic of your choice.

Scholarship Qualifications

By applying for our private scholarships, you agree to provide co-authorship rights of your response to our essay request, and you agree to allow us to post your biographical information. We will publish the winning response on this site as a resource for other students to utilize. We may use your response to create a derivative work, such as an article or video. Your bio will be posted to provide transparency.

The Application Deadline is December 15, 2017.
The winner will be selected on January 15, 2018.

Recent Scholarship Winners

Spring 2017:  Congratulations to the Spring Winner, Lauren NuDelman.  Lauren wrote a great essay.  Her current plans are to attend Law School beginning in the Fall.  We wish her the best of luck pursuing her Legal Career.


Applicants Must:

  • Be a current United States citizen or a permanent resident of the United States,
  • Currently enrolled in an accredited college, university or law school within the United States,
  • A single mother, or current student at a law school in the United States
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

The overall strength of the application and how the applicant has overcome the challenges of being a single mother or the motivation for going to law school are vital factors in the selection process.

Applicants must submit the following items:

  • A completed application,
  • A current academic transcript with the name of the college, university or law school you are currently attending,
  • An essay

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, please complete the Burke & Eisner Scholarship Application.

All application materials can be sent by email on or before December 15, 2017

Complete the application and documents and send to the attention of David Austin: [email protected]



  • Current enrollment is required in at least six (6) units at a two-year college, trade school, four-year college, or graduate school;
  • We need government identification to verify that you are at least 18 years of age. Your ID is required to make sure you have the legal ability to share your publishing rights. We are not partial to an age group; and
  • You must provide an official transcript establishing a minimum 2.3 college G.P.A. If you have not completed college classes, you must submit a transcript establishing a minimum 2.5 high school G.P.A.


  • Friends and family of Burke & Eisner founders, board members, executive and employees are not eligible for this scholarship.
  • Submissions deemed plagiarized will not be considered.


  • The scholarship award will be remitted on your behalf directly to your school for tuition or fees.

No purchase necessary.

Your Privacy Is Protected

The information you submit will not be sold or rented to any company. We may use it to determine your eligibility for, and contact you regarding, this scholarship. The only exception, as noted below, is that we plan on publishing the winning response and the name of the award recipient. Information from applicants not awarded this scholarship will be purged as quickly as possible after the announcement of the winner.

A Winning Response

We will publish the winning response, and our hope is the winning entry will help single mothers and law students as they navigate their way through the world in their career.

The winning response should:

1) be easy to read and comprehend,
2) include practical, actionable advice or tips, and
3) be well-thought out and organized.


Tips For a Winning Response

  1. Formatting and case setting are important. Do not submit your essay in one large block of text. White space can be your friend. Don't use a strange font or colors. Use the same professionalism as if this was a job application. Also, typing in ALL CAPS can result in your submission of being declined.
  2. Just say "no" to emojis, abbreviations such as "LOL," and the use of emoticons.
  3. Leave sarcasm at the door. Your intent and the perception by the reader can often be two entirely different things. Tone cannot be "heard" in a written essay. Avoid the use of it. Be clear, concise and direct in your writing.
  4. Send from a professional email address. We have received an application from "[email protected]" If you need to, create a new email address with Gmail for your scholarship submissions.
  5. Be clear and direct in your writing and application. We receive a lot of requests and just like a job interview; you need to "stand out" from the crowd in a positive way. Poor writing, sentence structure, rambling paragraphs, creative punctuation, etc. are fast tickets to the rejection pile.
  6. Proofread your essay and application out loud. Yes, read it out loud slowly. You may notice problems you didn't catch before, and if you get stuck reading, that means the sentence structure has an issue. Rewrite it because chances are when we read it we will get stuck too.

Best wishes,

The Burke & Eisner Team