Auto Accidents

New Rule Against Benzene Exposure at Work

According to recent reports, the Labor Department is racing to complete and implement a new rule that was opposed by President-elect Barack Obama regarding benzene emissions. The new rule would supposedly make it harder for the government to regulate toxic substances to which employees are exposed to while on the job. The rule is reportedly…

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Washington has No talking or Texting Law

I’ve written about this several times.  Mostly over at the NHLaw Blog.  Driving Will Texting I read today that Washington began enforcing it’s no talking or texting while driving law back in July 2008.  It is illegal for drivers to talk, text, read or type a message while driving.  My understanding is that a hands…

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Good Samaritan, False Arrest, 7.7 Million

In 2002 Rachelle Jackson, a trained nurse, heard the sound of an auto crash while out walking. When she got there a police car had been hit when another car ran a stop sign. The driver of the police car was unconscious and the other officer was dazed. She pulled the passenger, Officer Kelly Brogan,…

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