Angiosarcoma and Vinyl Chloride Exposure – Links Being Investigated

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Angiosarcoma is a type of cancer. This type of cancer is one that lines blood vessels or lymph vessels. Another word that you might hear associated with this is hemangiosarcoma if it is associated with blood vessels and lymphangiosarcoma if it is associated with Lymph vessels.

Hemangiosarcoma is a rare, rapidly growing, highly invasive variety of cancer. It is a blood-fed sarcoma; that is, blood vessels grow directly into the tumor and it is typically filled with blood. A frequent cause of death is the rupturing of this tumor, causing the victim to rapidly bleed to death.

It is estimated that only 25 cases of angiosarcoma may occur each year. So this is what we are doing:  We believe that we can prove that Angioasarcoma is linked to Vinyl Chloride, and therefore, we are investigating cases where angiosarcoma has been caused by Vinyl Chloride exposure.

One of the first documented articles on the connection between Angiosarcoma and Vinyl Chloride was published by the CDC back in 1974. The CDC recently republished that article to in recognition of the CDC’s 50th aniiversary.

You can read the article on Angiosarcoma and Vinyl Chloride here.

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