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Don’t Do it: Don’t cancel that car insurance in New Hampshire

Or anywhere for that matter.  An article over at the Wall Street Journal tells ow many people are cancelling their car insurance for economic reasons.  Especially in New Hampshire you need to think very carefully before you do this.

In New Hampshire, Car Insurance is not required, so there are many people driving around with no car insurance already.  So…If you cancel your car insurance you are getting rid of the most important part of your insurance (in my opinion) that is the unisured coverage.  I’ve posted on this before, but that is the insurance where when you get hit by someone with no insurance you can still use the coverage you have bought to protect yourself.

New Hampshire Car Accidents happen and they frequently happen with people with no insurance.  Think twice before canceling that insurance.

To read the Wall Street Journal Article.  See Road Risks Rise as more driversdrop insurance

First New Hampshire Death Penalty verdict in 49 years

The jury returned a death penalty verdict in the Addison case.

The parents of Manchester Police Officer Michael Briggs say justice has been done now that a jury has issued a death sentence for their son’s killer.

The death sentence ordered for Michael Addison is the state’s first in half a century. Jurors unanimously agreed that Addison deserves to die by lethal injection for shooting Officer Michael Briggs two years ago.

Source is WHDH and APNews

Winnipesaukee Boat Accident Operator Indicted

The Belknap County Grand  Jury, according to an article in the Laconia Daily Sun, has indicted Erica Blizzard for two counts of negligent homicide and one count of aggravated driving as a result of an early morning boating accident on June 15th.

Erica and two friends, Stephanie Beaudoin and Nicole Shinopules, were reported to be heading to a home on Sleeper’s Island when it struck Diamond Island at about 2:30 AM.   Shinopules was taken to the hospital with undisclosed injuries, Blizzard was taken to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and Beaudoin was killed.

Investigators from the New Hampshire Marine Patrol had been told by Shinopules that the three had been drinking in Wolfboro before leaving there by boat.  Investigators recovered alcoholic beverages from the boat, beer cans near the crash site, and also took blood samples from Blizzard.

At the time of the accident, Blizzard was president of the New Hampshire Recreational Boaters Association which had been mounting a lobbying effort against proposed legislation efforts that would have imposed  speed limits on boaters on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Negligent homide is a class B felony and the penalty could be up to 7 years in prison.  Negligent homicide that occurs while operating a vehicle or boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a class A felony and the penalty could be up to 15 years in prison.


This post was also posted on our New Hampshire Law Blog.  Other posts about this accident can be found at that blogsite,

8 Year-Old Beaten For Hours

Authorities are searching for the step-mother of an 8 year old girl who was beaten for hours and is now hospitalized in critical condition with kidney and liver problems.  Kara LeBlanc is wanted by the police both here and in Florida on warrants charging her with with first-degree assault and criminal restraint.

Kara is alleged to have beaten the child with a belt, so much so that the belt broke.  She is also alleged to have repeatedly pushed the child down the stairs, dragging her back up, then pushing her down again.  Authorities believe that it was this that caused most of the injuries to the child.

“She force-fed some food, tied (the child) up — hands and feet tied — up to a door at one point,” Webster police Lt. Phil Mitchell said.

Initially, the girl was taken to Concord Hospital where staff alerted police to the abuse.  Because of the extensive injuries she was transported to Childrens Hospital in Boston where she was placed in the intensive care unit in critical condition.  Webster Police Chief, Brian Milano, says that, although critical, her condition is slowly improving.

Police know that LeBlanc had tickets for a flight from Manchester to Orlando and have notified Florida authorities to be on the lookout for her.  Her exact location is not known but authority has been given for the police to extradite from any state.

Update 7/16/08:

Kara LeBlanc was arrested yesterday afternoon in Coral Gables, Florida by local police and federal marshalls when she left a friend’s house where she had been staying.  If she waives extradition she should be returned to New Hampshire within a few days to face felony charges.

Webster police have indicated that the girl is improving but it will be some time before she  is well again.  More of her injuries have been made public in addition to the liver and kidney problems.  She was covered with black and blue marks from the beating and has three broken ribs and three broken vertebrae in her neck.

Franklin NH Car Accident: Truck Crashes Into Dentist’s Office

Robert Caldon died Sunday night when his pickup truck slammed into the office of Access Dental in Franklin, New Hampshire.

When police and fire officials arrived at about 9:30 PM they found his truck buried in the rubble from one side of the brick building. He was trapped in the truck and pronounced dead at the scene. Central Street was closed for about four hours while the accident was investigated and the building wall stabilized.

According to an article in The Citizen of Laconia, Caldon’s truck jumped a granite curb, went through a fence and slammed into the building. Caldon is diabetic but authorities do not know why he lost control and are waiting for autopsy results to determine what may have happened to cause him to lose control.