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Fourth Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson

On Monday, a jury in Illinois State Court in Chicago determined that Janice DiCosolo, 38, died in February 2004 because the patch she was wearing delivered a fatal dose of the narcotic fentanyl.   The Duragesic patch is made by Alza Corporation which is owned by Johnson & Johnson; the patch is distributed by Janssen Pharmaceutica,…

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Fentanyl Poisoning and Fentanyl Patches: Are these cases still around?

Yes, they are. As recently as February 2008 a number of manufacturers recalled pain patches for what is called a fold over defect. the 14 lots of Fentanyl transdermal system patches being recalled may have a fold-over defect which may cause the patch to leak and expose patients or caregivers directly to the fentanyl gel.…

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