NHL Risk Lower for Pet Owners

A London Telegraph article recently reported that scientists have found that regular exposure to a cat or dog can reduce the risk of developing non-Hodgkins Lymphoma ( NHL ).  NHL is a  cancer that affects the lymphatic system, the process by which infection-fighting white blood cells are carried thoughout the body. Researchers who did the study…

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Lyondell Required to Defend Benzene Accusations

According to recent reports, Lyondell Chemical Company has been asked by Houston Mayor Bill White to participate in a public hearing regarding the accusations brought against them for emitting benzene. Benzene is a known carcinogen and the company, which is the city’s largest refinery, is being accused of emitting large amounts of the chemical into…

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Benzene Lawyer noting some leukemia stories from around the internet

Some interesting Leukemia stories while reading some other leukemia stories on blogs NFL Coaching Legend, SF 49ers Bill Walsh Dies at 75 from Leukemia … – Diagnosed with leukemia in 2004, Walsh had been in failing health for several months, according to Stanford …. ScaredMonkeys.Com is powered by WordPress. … Brazil’s great stem-cell experiment –…

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